Things to Know About Fishing Lights and Dock Lights

Artificial light has been put to use for many years for the purpose of fishing. This is a handy way to attract fish and get the most out of a fishing activity. In fact the most ancient form of artificial light was using a lantern over the side boat. People believed that this light could attract bugs (which was actually true) and in turn surrounded the boat with fishes. Technology has evolved, however the basics still remain the same. If you are looking for underwater dock fishing lights, there are various online/offline outlets for the same.

So one might ask how does these lights actually work? Light is projected on the top of the water surface that initiates a natural food chain reaction by pulling in a concentration of plankton (small microscopic animals). The bait fishes, namely shad and minnows are pulled in to the light source to feed on the plankton. This game becomes interesting when the bigger fishes come in to feed on the bait fish. It’s not unusual to see bait fish get accumulated in columns of about 15-20 feet thick under the lights, with the game fish hanging directly below them.

Having said that, you need also take rods, lures, and a fish locator along with the underwater lights to maximize your chances of catching fishes way off your limits on a daily basis, because catching fish is not magic.


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